Home Remedies for Obesity

Home Remedies for Obesity & Weight Loss

We all find ourselves in a situation where we say enough is enough at some point – whether it’s about trying to work out more often or start implementing that healthy diet plan. It seems like it always starts on Monday. But that is completely understandable because it’s anything but easy trying to lose weight. In this article, we bring you some tips on how you can start building healthy habits start losing weight with small changes you won’t even notice you made.

Eat more protein


Eating more protein is essential on your weight loss journey. When digesting protein, your body burns calories so having a high protein diet will not only help you stay fuller for a longer period of time but it will also burn more calories in the digestion process.

Eat whole foods

whole foods

Although you might think you will never be full of steam baked broccoli, the outcome might surprise you. Not only does it fuel your body with essential nutrients, but it also supports your weight loss journey because broccoli has only 30 calories in 100 grams – as a comparison, 100 grams of deep-fried French fries has 340 calories. So what will your choice be?

Stock up on healthy foods and snacks

healthy foods

If your pantry is full of unhealthy snacks and premade meals, you’re more likely to eat all of it in one take. Instead, stock up on healthy snacks such as popcorn, peanuts, almonds, and raisins and next time when you get a craving, go for a banana and a couple of almonds instead of a chocolate bar.

Drink more water

Drink more water

Aim for at least eight glasses per day. That way you’ll stay hydrated and won’t ever feel thirsty. Studies show that whenever you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. And sometimes, when you feel hungry, all you need is a glass of water and you’ll feel fuller, instantly. Water will not replace your meal, but it will decrease your snacking and that’s the most challenging part of losing weight – the not snacking part.

Limit your sugar intake

If you’re a coffee-lover, try loving it in its natural shape – with no sugar added. It will probably taste awful in the beginning, but once you’re accustomed to it, you will appreciate it’s natural taste.

Don't drink your calories

Eat fruit

Stop drinking processed juices and sodas. Those drinks have a lot of added sugar and probably played a huge role in getting you where you are today. Instead, try making your own flavored water by adding fruit to your water and letting it stand in the fridge overnight. Fruit will release its aroma into the water and it will taste delicious. It will not be as sweet as an apple juice you’re used to, but if you give it a shot, with time it will taste even better.

Losing weight might be frustrating and if the thought of starting another diet makes you feel anxious, try implementing these tricks into your daily plan and you will start seeing results instantly.

Home Remedies for Obesity Infographic

Home Remedies for Obesity